New establishment alert: Cake & Corolla

Recently I needed a special cake for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday celebration. I had heard about a new place that opened downtown and because I love our downtown I decided to go visit.

I first went there on a weekday afternoon and I have to say that my first impression was very good. I must compliment the designer because the interior is beautiful, trendy but very comfortable. I enjoyed a Café Americano and a slice of Pistachio Cake (both were excellent by the way) while browsing through their extensive menu of cake offerings. I ultimately decided on the Chocolate Strawberry: a Traditional Chocolate Cake, Filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Fresh Sliced Strawberries. Encased in Chocolate Ganache. I placed my order and promised to return soon.

I picked up the cake a few days later accompanied by my son & daughter-in-law. We arrived to find the chef just putting the finishing touches on the cake so we sat & enjoyed some coffee, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee!  The next day we served the cake at Lily’s birthday party and I have to say that it was one of the best chocolate cakes we have ever tasted. Fresh, moist and oh, so good! It was a little pricey, but honestly worth it! #thehungryrealtor

Cake & Corolla 125 N. 3rd Street, Easton, PA 18045



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