Roasted, Bethlehem PA

One of the benefits of my profession is the ability to have lunch & breakfast meetings on a regular basis. I use this as an opportunity to explore & try new places throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Last month I had the pleasure of joining my mortgage lender, Greg Reimer from The Mortgage Company, for a business meeting and to introduce him to my daughter, Ashley. Ashley is newly licensed and is joining me in the real estate business so I wanted her to have the chance to meet & learn from one of my go-to lenders. Even though it was a lunch meeting, I never pass up the opportunity to have a good breakfast and this, my friends, is a GOOD breakfast.

Roasted is the former Blue Sky Café, located at 22 W. 4th Street in South Bethlehem. The menu is a little bit different than before but they still offer many of the former favorites as well as a variety of gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian options. The place is small, and nothing special in the décor department but they make up for it with plain-old good food!

I opted for the Jaba Scramble: Sausage, Goat Cheese, Kale, Mixed Pepper, White Onion, Garlic, and Roasted Potatoes as well as whole wheat toast. My entire meal was fresh and super tasty and reasonably priced at just $9.75. I’ll definitely keep this place on my list of places for client meetings in the future when I’m in that area. *Be aware that this place is close to Lehigh University and enjoys a very brisk business so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table. #thehungryrealtor


2 thoughts on “Roasted, Bethlehem PA

    1. Thanks John, it was a great meeting and Ashley came away with a complete understanding about why I enjoy working with Greg. She gets “me” and she immediately understood why we work well together. There are lots of great mortgage officers out there but we need to find people that work the way we work and compliment our business style.


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