Best Cheesesteaks in the Lehigh Valley

Honestly, this isn’t just my personal opinion, Giacomo’s on College Hill in Easton truly did win the contest for the best cheesesteak in the Lehigh Valley. Amazingly enough, I didn’t discover this hidden gem located right in my backyard until I had lived in the Lehigh Valley for over 5 years and my electrician, Gene DellaVechia, recommended it to me. Since that first visit, so many years ago, this is our “go-to” place for cheesesteak sandwiches.

The other day we were trying to decide where to go for Tony’s birthday lunch. Since the Public Market in Easton is closed on Mondays, we opted for Giacomo’s. They are located right on Cattell Street in College Hill and they have a very casual setting as well as an excellent italian meat case and some specialty grocery items. The service is always quick & friendly but the real treat are their cheesesteaks. I’m sure that the other items on their menu are good but when you find something this good, you just gotta go with the best.

I’m partial to a cheesesteak with steak, onions & cheese while my husband likes a plain steak & cheese but they have all kinds of different options including with sauce. Since we are from NJ, we are traditionalists, so no sauce for us. We also ordered french fries to share since I love french fries and theirs are pretty good. The sandwiches are always wonderful, the bread is amazing and holds up under all of the meat so your sandwich never falls apart.

I’ve heard people rave about their italian meats & cheeses too so even if you live on the other side of the Lehigh Valley, you owe it to yourself to plan a visit to Giacomo’s…you’ll be glad you did! #hungryrealtor

P.S. They close around 5:30pm, so this is more of a lunch place.

Giacomo’s Italian Market & Grille 700 Cattell Street, Easton

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